34 episodes x 45 minutes

Highest among Kids and Females aged 40 and above

This is a heartrending story of a mother, who in her struggle to keep her children from being taken from her, faces a horde of unfortunate circumstance
Amelia meets Mario in a whirlwind romance which ends in marriage. She promises herself that she will be the best mother to her children and will never leave their side.
The happy but poor family lives with Mario’s cruel stepmother, Lucing. Because of their debts, Mario decides to work in the city where he meets Veronica, a wealthy heiress. Veronica falls in love with Mario and destroys the family with the help of the evil stepmother. 
Amelia’s life turns into a living hell when her children are taken from her one by one. She then wills herself to be strong to fight back and reclaim all that she has lost. 

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