33 episodes x 45 minutes

Highest among Females aged 20 and above

This is the story of two beautiful sisters who left their home in a small town to pursue their dreams of becoming successful dancers. Both get enmeshed in the complicated and controversial world of show business, where they discover that only the most ruthless take center stage and the weak-willed are weeded out and left to wilt away.

Standing in the way of the siblings, is television star Violet who mercilessly destroys the competition just to keep herself on top. Daisy and Dahlia will also meet new flames, Eros and Hector - men who are bound to bring them happiness and heartbreak.

Together, Dahlia and Daisy embark on the thorny path to stardom where people will do whatever it takes to be the star in the spotlight. If success comes with a price, how much are they willing to sacrifice?

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