28 episodes x 45 minutes

Highest among Kids and Females aged 40 and above

Mark Roxas is a prominent businessman and investment banker. But underneath his wealth and success lies the heart of a lonely man who still hasn’t moved on after being abandoned thirty years ago by the love of his life, Kristine.

Kristine, on the other hand, is recently widowed after the death of her husband Antonio Tuazon. Together with her daughters Andrea and Candice, she reluctantly assumes the responsibility and burden of salvaging her ailing family business. Kristine’s world turns upside down when Mark becomes interested in buying their business. She then tries everything to prevent Mark from having business transaction with any of her family.

However, Mark’s son, Paul Stephen, is in love with Kristine’s youngest daughter, Candice. So as the war between the ex-lovers intensifies, the love between their children blossoms.

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