15 episodes x 45 minutes

Highest among Kids and Females aged 40 and above

Elena Deogracias is a quiet but intelligent and strong willed woman. She is the second wife of a politician, Armando “Amang” Deogracias and has never dreamt of getting into politics.
It is election year and Amang is challenging the incumbent Pepe Ilustre for the gubernatorial seat of the province of Verano. Pepe is related to the province's most influential political family by marriage and his wife's family will do everything to hold on to power by any way possible, including an assassination attempt. On the night before the election, at the “miting de avance” of Amang's party, a bomb was hidden under the stage and the explosion deeply wounds Amang.
In his death bed, Amang anoints Elena as his replacement for the gubernatorial seat, much to the surprise of everyone including his political party members. The sympathy vote went to Elena's favor and she triumphs over Pepe. 
As the new provincial governor, she promises to continue her husband’s pledge – to clean Verano of all dirt and corruption. She boldly pursues a dangerous life as she vows to give her all to fulfil a mission that came with the position entrusted to her by the people. 

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