65 episodes x 30 minutes

Highest among Kids and Females aged 40 and above

Eboy a young boy from a small peaceful town that thrives on crocodile farming, spends most of his time with his best friend, a giant prehistoric crocodile named Bangis.  Eboy and his family have kept Bangis' existence a tightly guarded secret, and the gentle creature has remained safe...until now.

A series of killings that appears to have been done by a giant crocodile alerts the whole town. They summon Leon, a world-famous crocodile hunter, to hunt the creature. But Maya, the town environmentalist, is out to prove that giant crocodiles are not responsible for the gruesome deaths.

As Leon embarks on his hunt for Bangis, the town's villains are slowly unmasked. Another giant crocodile named Itim and his master, Musang, are out to frame Bangis for the killings. Dominador Serpente, the town’s most powerful businessman, and his conniving wife, Savannah, are also hiding dangerous secrets in pursuit of their selfish interests.

Can Eboy   help Bangis from his evil perpetrators? Join Eboy and his giant crocodile friend in this thrilling adventure made for the entire family.