Enchanted Garden
Video Trailer
38 episodes x 60 minutes
Highest among Kids and Females aged 40 and above

A garden world parallel to the human realm, eternal love consumes and redeems in this epic fantasy.

Enchanted Garden is a mystical drama that gives viewers a front-row seat to an exciting battle between good and evil set against a mystical parallel realm. Enchanted Garden will also increase audience awareness about how to take better care of the environment in an entertaining, non-traditional manner that appeals to the whole family.

Enchanted Garden is set in the entrancing garden world of Eden where Queen Jasmina and her daughters Alvera, Valeriana and Quassia keep the balance between man and nature. Alvera, Valeriana and Quassia are the appointed guardians of all plants and trees. Jealousy separates the sisters as Valeriana discovers that Menandro, the man she holds dear, is in love with her sister Alvera.

Menandro and Alvera’s love brings forth a child, Aya, who grows up in the mortal world. What will happen when the good and evil forces of Eden clash on Earth? Is Aya a blessing or a curse to the world of Eden?

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Casts of Characters
Alex Gonzaga
Zoren Legaspi
Ruffa Gutierrez
Rufa Mae Quinto
Alice Dixson

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