For Love or Money
14 episodes x 45 minutes

Roselle and Edward are a happily married couple. Edward owns a small production house but the money he earns is just enough to provide for him and his ambitious wife, Roselle. Roselle is a regular office worker who dreams of having a better life. She deeply loves Edward, but she can’t give him the one thing that would complete their family, a baby.

While Kristine inherits her family’s shipping empire. Having grown up wealthy, she feels she can achieve anything she wants with the right price. Yet all these outward signs of success can’t hide the fact that Kristine is lonely… until she meets Edward.

Kristine offers 10 million pesos in exchange for a few intimate days with Edward for reasons only she knows. Will Roselle lend her husband to achieve the stable life that she's always yearned for? How will Edward and Roselle handle the rewards and consequences of their decisions?