Never Say Goodbye
28 episodes x 45 minutes

In a desperate attempt to run away from an arranged marriage, Kate flees to Baguio. She meets William when she stays at the famous Manor Hotel. As the young man tries to help the damsel in distress, he decides to bring her to his hometown. Little did they know that their lives were connected by deep wounds of the past.

William’s mother, Marta, is framed by Kate’s mother Criselda for a crime she did not commit. Marta’s former flame, Javier, ended up marrying Criselda. Pregnant with Javier’s child, Marta’s heart was filled with hate.  While being transported between penal facilities, Marta escapes and meets Dindo, who assumed the role of her child’s father.

Embittered by the past, Marta forbids William from pursuing a relationship with Kate. However, the young love-struck couple will do whatever it takes to be together. Will Marta finally have her revenge on Javier and Criselda? What will happen to William and Kate when they are forced to say goodbye to each other?