13 episodes x 45 minutes

Bernadette is a very successful businesswoman but has no one to share it with. She meets James and everything in her life changes. She falls madly in love with him – to the point of obsession. James eventually gets fed up and ends his relationship with Bernadette. Leading Bernadette to attempt suicide in the midst of her misery. Miraculously, she survives, but with a scarred face beyond recognition.

Driven by heartbreak, Bernadette undergoes an experimental cosmetic procedure with the help of Dr. Ramon Mendoza. She assumes a new identity as Vanessa without knowing that she has the exact same face as Ramon’s ex-girlfriend.

Ramon helps Vanessa gain her confidence back. They work together so she can exact her revenge on James. With her new face, Vanessa seduces James. Everything goes according to plan until Ramon, himself, becomes obsessed with Vanessa.

Will Bernadette successfully make James fall in love with her again? Or is it Ramon who will capture the heart of his muse, Vanessa