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40 episodes x 45 minutes
Highest among Kids and Females aged 40 and above

When love, deceit and revenge get in the way of friendship, the blinding hatred that follows can lead a person to hurt those who are closest to his heart.

Centering on two best friends: Don Armando Braganza and Damian Valiente, most especially their sons, Theo Braganza and Gardo Valiente, whose lives are opposite from one another. Theo was born rich, a playboy and was groomed as an heir to Hacienda Braganza.

Gardo on the other hand, was born poor, God-fearing and was poised to take over his father Damian as one of Hacienda Braganza's workers. Despite their differences, Gardo and Theo treated each other like brothers until the death of Don Armando.

The conflict turns for the worse as an uprising occurs in Hacienda Braganza which causes the imprisonment of Gardo’s father, Damian.

Gardo falls for Theo's youngest sister, Maila. However, Leona, the elder sister, loves Gardo and will do everything to claim Gardo for herself.

As the feud between the two families deepens the two men vow revenge against one another and fight till their last breath.

Can Maila and Gardo ever love freely in the middle of it all?

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Casts of Characters
JC De Vera
Gardo Valiente/Nicolas Vallejo/Gardo Braganza
Oyo Boy Sotto
Theo Braganza/Theo Ramirez
Nina Jose
Leona Braganza
Nadine Samonte
Maila Braganza/Maila Regalado
Jaclyn Jose
Donya Trinidad "Trining" Delos Reyes-Braganza
Michael de Mesa
Damian Valiente