Lightning Man
35 episodes x 45 minutes

A young man, Voltaire, is struck by a lightning during a perfect storm and acquires incredible powers. As a child, he starts to show signs of the amazing power he holds. After losing his mother due to a fire he inadvertently caused, Voltaire runs away.

Soon after, Voltaire is found and cared for by Dr. Megaton. Growing up under the care of a wealthy family, he meets Vincent, Dr. Megaton’s real son and his future nemesis. Voltaire eventually finds out that Dr. Megaton’s real intention is only to use his powers for personal gain.

When Mr. Megaton is struck by lightning during a storm, Voltaire tries to help him but the doctor dies in his arms. Vincent stumbles onto this scene and wrongly blames Voltaire for his father’s death.

Thus begins a classic duel between two men raised as brothers, only to be later torn apart by destiny and their love for the same woman, Lara.