8 episodes x 45 minutes

A first on Philippine television, this thriller blurs the line between reality and fiction. Jasmine is an actress on the cusp of stardom, working on her launching drama series. Through the help of her no-nonsense manager, Jasmine’s career takes a turn and she now becomes the network’s next big star. But as she’s cast to become the lead star of the network’s flagship project “Ur Loved”, Jasmine finds discovers that the road to stardom is not simple, as the other talents who are also determined to become the network’s prized stars, do everything they can to stop Jasmine’s stellar rise..

To make matters worse, a mystery stalker named Maskara emerges and threatens Jasmine’s very existence with his obsession.  Maskara is a sinister yet highly resourceful admirer who posts up-to-the-date information about Jasmine’s activities and whereabouts. At first, he creeps her out but a turning point comes when he saves her from danger.

Now, Jasmine must find out who Maskara is. Could he be one of the men in her life: Miguel, her persistent millionaire suitor? Alexis, her co-actor and the network’s primetime prince? Or Inspector Ramirez, who’s handling the case? Most importantly, she must decide: should she trust him or run from him?