Third Eye
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13 episodes x 45 minutes
Highest among Kids and Females aged 40 and above

In a world where creatures of darkness roam and wreak havoc, can light and love prevail?

Cassandra is a young girl born from a line of psychics. She was living a normal life until her boyfriend, Adrian, mysteriously vanishes without a trace.

As Cassandra investigates Adrian’s strange disappearance, she discovers her ability to see fearsome supernatural beings from different realms. Although these dark creatures are cloaked and concealed from others, Cassandra is able to see them living among humans in the city.

As she goes deeper in her quest to find and save Adrian, her third eye fully awakens - but will it be a blessing or a curse?

Follow Cassandra’s exciting adventures as she uncovers answers and discovers what lurks in the dark.

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Casts of Characters
Eula Caballero
Cassandra Dingle
Daniel Matsunaga
Lucas Gracie
Eddie Garcia
Lolo Gimo Dingle
Lorna Tolentino
Jana Alcuaz
Victor Silayan
Adrian Duenas
Clint Gabo
Dongbi Sayad